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Malcolm Black is a millionaire and philanthropist who was formerly Mayor of Center City. For eleven years he's been married to Cinnamon the love of his life, but he feels something is chasing him—that something’s calling on his life.

He gets hired by former pastor, Jeremy Felipe to teach classes in theology and they form a bond and through this bond they are both transformed as are those who love them.

Calling Malcolm Black

  • Malcolm stood near the window in his and Cinnamon’s bedroom, staring out at the early morning fog. Sitting up in bed, Cinnamon watched him, choked with love. He was naked and his broad shoulders and tapered waist with a bit of love handles and hard butt, still made her swoon. They had only been married eleven years and they were in their platinum years, but the fire burned hot. She loved watching him in a reflective mood. She knew something was weighing on him but wasn’t going to ask because her gut told her it was a good thing, though a hard choice for him. 

    Earlier, in church she had felt something vibrating off him and when his eyes met hers, they were especially bright. In public Malcolm was always stoic and impossible to read but not in that moment. Anyone staring would have seen how touched he was. The sermon that morning was, we are always on call...

    For the past year he had been working with herbals and men suffering from performance issues and it had grown beyond what he was comfortable with. He had made lots of money, early on and invested well, retiring in his forties. He had funded businesses for others and even had a stint as mayor four years earlier ... but she knew something else was brewing. 

    “What are you staring at woman?” Malcolm asked, his deep voice filling the room. Cinnamon blinked and focused, she hadn’t noticed he was now facing her, his body enhanced by the rising sun. 

    “Initially, I was staring at your amazing ass and shoulders but now I’m thinking the front is mo’ betta,” She said, her eyes roaming over him as he approached the bed. Climbing on the bed, he pulled her into his arms. 

    “You always know what this man needs to hear. I’m considering some things but I’m not ready to discuss it yet.” He looked down, his eyes searching hers. 

    “I know. I also know it’s good and you’ll make the Black decision.” He chuckled at her way of using words. 

    “You were the Blackest decision I ever made.” Adjusting in his arms to face him, she winked sexily. 

    “You right, now put me to sleep...,” she murmured. 

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